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Salwar Kameez from Pakistan

Salwar Kameez from Pakistan

Salwar kameez from Pakistan are making an impact on designer fashion. I've been surprised to see some top A-list Hollywood actresses like JLo, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth, and most recently Angelina Jolie sporting beautiful salwar kameez suits! Some department stores at the local mall may be carrying them, and more will very likely join the parade for this lovely Indian and Pakistani clothing. Let's discover more about salwar kameez from Pakistan.

Salwar kameez is actually quite simple. It consists of a top known as the kameez, which is essentially a shirt with long tails in front and back. The bottom half is the salwar, a rather loose pant. Finally, there is the stole, which covers the chest and drapes across the shoulder. The online salwar kameez shop brings the national dress of South Asia to you. It is also known as Pakistani shalwar kameez, salwar suit, or kurta salwar. Although traditionally loose and modest, urban fashion designers have given this ethnic clothing a makeover in many ways.

A salwar kameez of the large urban centers has trendy variations to it. The kameez often is shorter in Pakistani and Indian clothing designer fashion centers like Karachi and Mumbai. The salwar often is worn like a pant, with a fitted look. This combination is called the trouser suit. Sleeveless kameez varieties have emerged among the higher classes as well. The salwar has also been through bell-bottom and slits fads. Amazingly, a rural variety of salwar kameez, known as patyala salwar suit has been hot among Indian clothing and Pakistani clothing designers recently. The patyala is a rather ballooned variety of salwar worn by Punjabis. The popularity of bhangra culture has likely triggered this fad.

What becomes of the salwar kameez from Pakistan remains to be seen. What is certain is that the recent ethnic clothing and modest clothing fad in the West will feed the demand for this suit for a long time to come. The rage in Indian fashion and Pakistani womens fashion in movies, TV serials, music videos, and fashion magazines stokes the talents of the best craftsmen in South Asia. There seems to be no end to the creations of designers of Indian salwar kameez and Pakistani shalwar kameez.

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salwar kameez from Pakistan


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